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Sunday, 29 May 2011


Well while I was sitting watching the tv yesterday, I decided to experiment with the left over pieces fo the ties, used for the Tie Bag that has been talked about on the mse threads.
So here is a quick picture of what I was on about.
Think my second picture is more infocus.
You all know that I dont like throwing things out, so here I have reused the ties,, and will probably make them into either a cushion or another type of bag, but they are quite thick and heavy, so that may be what limits me to what i do. (And of course finding enough ties to do much else). There are the ends of 10 ties here.
All these ties were my Dads, so to me they are quite personal. If I was to do it, with a theme in mind they may be more appealing to the eye.

I also made a quick small tote, (no internal or external pockets) while the end of the football was on the TV last night.
This fabric was also gifted to me and was from rucksack covers. The back is actually folded to show the eyelets.
I hope to be creating more things with the rest of the fabric, and have cut out the lining of a small bag, (also from the ties- before i decided to weave the rest).


  1. The ties look good woven dont they. Think they would make a nice cushion or bag, will be strong too.

    My grandson keeps on at me to make him an "army" bag, he wants it to hang in his bedroom to put all his soldiers in. I will have to keep an eye open in the charity shops for some fabric.

  2. I love what you've done with the ties. A cushion would be a great idea. xxx

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments.
    Rufusdog I can send you some fabric. Will sort it out.