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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sewing projects for the day

Well I decided that I had to make a start on the sewing. But only managed to cut out an outfit for DGD, but at least I have started.
I brought the fabric, pattern, pins and scissors down from the sewing room and used the dining table while DGD was finishing her dinner, and managed to at least got all the pieces cut out.
Then I decided to take a look at the bag full of ties that my folks gave me today.
Been playing around with them, and seeing about their lay out. I think I may have come up with a combination to use them up.
In amongst the ties was a tie that I had made for my father many years ago. I have decided to take a chance and keep that one separate. I may use that as a oddety to sell on ebay.
I wish I still had the labels tha I used, and possibly had remembered where I had got them from. So many years, so many house moves. Who knows what ever happened to them.
 This is a burda pattern that I bought in the charity shop the other week, 49p!

 This is the duvet cover that I also bought in a charity shop, some time ago. £3.25
 My Dad's tie, I made for a joke, Parrots, is the name my brothers partner calls Parents. "The Parrots" bit of a family joke now.

I am still trying to find why I cannot focus all my photos yet. The more I do them perhaps the more I will get it right.

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