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Mooloo Begins
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Granny to seven darling children. Mother to four not so darling young adults!mmm. I love to sew, and enjoy creating magazines. I have a stash of fabric so high that my friends think it will take me all my life to use it up! So here I am, showcasing My Making journey. Welcome, and come on into my world.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

free desk

The landlord has given me a big desk, so that's set up in the shop, so I can sit in the shop and start to sew now. 
Can't open yet though as insurance doesn't start until 1st. 

Workshop Tables

Today we went to ikea and found two tables in the bargain basement. Saving me £200! Actually saved me all of it, as they were bought as a gift! Result. 

The Shop is coming along nicely!

I have the keys early, and have been spending a little time each day down at the shop getting it in ship shape condition ready to open in September
The top picture is the frontage. Although yesterday we sanded it down and re painted it.
I set up my Makes that I have had lying around at home. 
The middle floor is a small space, but has slats for retail, and a loo and changing room.
The top floor was being used as an office, but is now empty, and waiting for me to put in some desks. That is where the classes will be held. 
I hope to open around 5th September. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My Own Shop

While I have been Abscent a while, so much has been going on. I have decided to take on the lease of a small shop to be able to expand what I do. 
I have so many plans, I just hope that I get it right! 
it is a small shop based in Brackley, the sweet shop and Baguette shop are to one side, and a shop/space that is a sort of community space that changes a lot. 
There is a Tea Room a few doors down.