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Granny to seven darling children. Mother to four not so darling young adults!mmm. I love to sew, and enjoy creating magazines. I have a stash of fabric so high that my friends think it will take me all my life to use it up! So here I am, showcasing My Making journey. Welcome, and come on into my world.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Moving on

Once more I find myself on the move. But with a delay again.
We were supposed to have moved into a three bedroomed house in November, on the 26th. Then it was delayed and we should have been getting the keys on the 3rd December. We are still sitting waiting for those keys.
The gasboard need to install a meter before we can take possession.
I have been through a nightmare of changes, and it has been a stressful time. The removal firm cannot now move us until the 20th and 21st December. However we do not know if the house will be ready intime.
Its going to be so close to christmas!
For once this year, I have not taken the children into the equation, and have decided where I want to be, and not what is expected of me.
Perhaps thats my now realising that my life is precious. My time with my partner is important to me, and so we are going to spend christmas at his house. I am taking my granddaughter with me.
so it will not matter so much that we are not unpacked properly for the festive season.
I am determind to make it a good christmas even though we are not all together, and I hope that we can find a day at home that the family can come and see me for once. !
The new house is on a bus route, so we hope that they can come to see me rather then me running around after them all the time.

Once I have moved I shall try harder to enjoy my life and do the thinks that i would like to do.!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

On the move again

Well I am on the move again.
After being on the council housing list for the last 4 1/2 years, and with a considerable change in the dynamics of the household, we are to have a 3 bedroomed house in Brackley. It needs a lot of work, and will not be ready for us to move in until the end of November, or the beginning of December.
However it should then have central heating, and a new bathroom and kitchen. With these in place, and with the garden being the biggest I have ever had, certainly in length, we should have the space for my granddaughter to play and to grow.
If I have any strength left I would still like to have a vegetable garden, but have had a very up and down time these last few months, and the garden has been neglected, if it wasnt for the help my lovely partner puts in, when he comes to stay.

At the end of September, we went on holiday to Portugal, and had one of the best holidays we have ever had. My darling grand daughter stole the show going to dinner in the hotel diningroom. I had purchased lots of little dresses for her via ebay, and so she was my little princess.

I have been away from here, as life has not really been very straightforward and the health really has taken its toll on me.

Lets hope that over the next 5 weeks or so, I will be able to declutter, and keep the sewing things ready to create new curtains etc for the new start, and that I can then relax in a better home, keep warm and protect my joints from the harsh winter days ahead.

This will, I hope be the last move of my lifetime. Unless I ever win the jackpot and can afford to buy a home in a warmer climate, or my man decided that what we have is actually worth sharing our lives completely. Alas with the ups and downs of the families, this is not an option.
The family, my family, keeps us apart, causes us to live two seperate lives apart from our holidays and the weekends. (Mostly).

I pray that this is not going to be the way we live for the rest of our lives, but I have to be practical, I have DGD to bring up, and my lot to support, so this is where I find myself at the moment.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Summer days should be lazy!

Well all week I have run around after the family. Driving all over the place, doing over 200 miles just for them, so this weekend is for me. Well as much for me as I can, with my granddaughter at home this weekend!.
The weather has been glorious and sitting in a car with no air conditioning has been no job for either of us.!
So we have taken back the day. This afternoon we sat under the apple tree with the box of building bricks!. That was until the ants decided to invade us!. Poor DGD has been bitten on the leg. Dispite lashings of Sudocrem she has decided that its safer to come indoors!.

So its a video by the tv!

Perhaps there will still be time to sit in the garden a little later on, when she has had her bath and gone to sleep.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Nervously here we go.

A while back I started to write in a few forums on Moneysaving Expert, and over the last two years I have been an avid reader and poster. But I sometimes feel that the things that I am writing there no longer reflect the forums I am posting on.
I enjoy following the sewing forums and have enjoyed sewing all of my life. When I first went to boarding school at the age of 9, I buried myself in my sewing, and by the time I was in the second year at the age of 13 if not before I was making clothes for the other girls in the school, and I distinctly remember making my sister a long gathered floral skirt in white and orange. It was the end of the 1970's and flower power was still in vogue.
As I made a similar skirt for myself to go on holiday not so long ago, I begin to feel my age as the fashions have come full circle.

I have sewn on and off for all of my life. Having a sewing business making weddingdresses, and doing alterations and repairs, when the children were small and money was tight.
Although I did detour into the Pub trade for quite a while, sewing has always been my love and a way to express myself. Alas this has not been possible of late.

I now suffer from Spondylosis of the spine and this affects my ability to sew and create for long. However I am determind that I am going to find the time to enjoy my craft while I can. So I am taking the inspiration of "this one moment in time" to use my moments while I can, and to make and create when inspiration hits me, and my arm allows me.

I once started a Blog before, but after being ill, then the computer crashing and loosing all my links, I have "lost it". So I am starting again.! Lets hope that technology doesnt beat me this time and I manage to learn how to do a blog! and post pictures of my creations, as I go along.