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Granny to seven darling children. Mother to four not so darling young adults!mmm. I love to sew, and enjoy creating magazines. I have a stash of fabric so high that my friends think it will take me all my life to use it up! So here I am, showcasing My Making journey. Welcome, and come on into my world.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Sewing Pattern stocks

I have been sent the advert of the month from Kwik Sew, and hadnt realised that I am still registered as a stockist of thier patterns! Don't all rush to me for orders- yet, as I am out of date with it all. But it is something that I am hoping Mooloo's will be doing again in the near future.
I have also been contacted by another company about being a stockist for them. Probably got my information off of Kwik Sew in the first place.
The Royal Wedding is on the TV and I feel emotional? Whats this all about, I hadnt bothered one iota until now!.
The matteress from the spare room has now gone, just been picked up, so I have even more space for my sewing now. Yipee.
I shall take some pictures soon and post them.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Purple bag

Well I am thrilled that I have been able to sew today, and I have managed to make the Purple tote bag that I have a customer for. So here goes, with the picture of it.
I managed to use a vintage button that I had from a charity shop a while back, and the lining is made from the lining of a skirt I had and never wore.
I think the skirt will be destined to smaller drawer string bags for gifts etc,. I will see.

Turkey saddles

No self respecting designer will forget thier logo of course!.

Well I have spent part of yesterday and today, in my new sewing room, making the Turkey Saddles requested. Designer style, with Sanderson Seaweed fabric and the remains of a sanderson striped fabric that I made things from earlier.

Monday, 25 April 2011

The garden just outside my back door. Broken concrete, and wilderness.

The view of the garden from near the bottom, yes its huge. 156Ft of it. It looks not too bad where we have managed to cut the lawn, put in a shed and put a tarpauline down for the paddling pool

This is the top 30ft or so of the garden, still to be attacked.

This is what has already been found in the small area I started to dig. (central picture here).

This is the section of the garden nearest to the house, just past the concrete rubble

This is the contents from the dug patch just above as well as the metal on the windowsill.
Take this into account that the housing have already been twice to clear the garden.

I have been questioned, and questioning my situation with my garden. So I decided to take some photo's of it. Alas the picture of the pile of glass didnt come out. But the rest of the pictures are there. I am not sure if I can post them all on here, or how to do it. But I think I will try.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

hazy summer days already!

Well its like a summers day, its been a glorious week. But not for my sewing.
I havent done anything since Tuesday when I did the walking stick bag. But I have managed to get myself sorted out and turn DS's old bedroom into a craft room!.
I just need to sort out a decent chair. But for now, the garden is the main focal point of our days.
DGD is in and out of the paddling pool, and enjoying riding her bike just up and down the little bit of path that we have.
I am off to see BF and his family this evening, so I have cut what grass I can, myself so as to keep it as low as possible.
Unfortunately I had to move the paddling pool, as the day before I found a pile of glass just under the surface, then yesterday when I went to investigate, not only was there masses of glass but there were razor blades as well!.
I was horrified.
The garden is still not safe. I have tried my hardest to do some digging, but the ground is so hard now that its not easy. But every little fork full brings up either glass, metal or razor blades.!
I will be talking to the housing when the holiday is over.
Meanwhile we have come in for our lunch, and to shelter from the mid day sun!.
I have been terrible and done some bidding on some more fabric???!!! why do I do it, I have masses already. I didnt think I would win any of the bids as they are quite low considering what I was bidding on, but so far I seem to be winning.
Lots of floral fabrics aiming at the Shabby Chic market.
I have ideas for them to be used in cushion covers, and pillowcases etc. For my bedroom as I am going to be sorting that out now that I have a place to do my sewing in.
I shall try and take photos later of the new work space!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Walking stick bag

Magnetic clasps

Well today I finally managed to sit at the sewing machine for a little while, so I have made the walking stick cover for my friend "Molly".
Its made out of Cath Kidston fabric, and with a fabric print of her little doggies!.
I have put two magnetic clasps on the inside and sewn two wooden toggles in the shape of dogs.
Then I have added a strap to carry it.
So I am hoping its an improved version of our original prototypes, and of course it is a one off for my friend.
I am having trouble laying out my pictures but I hope you get what I mean!.
I have a few other ideas to play around with today if I can. Sam is going to put Paige to bed for me, which gives me about an hour this evening, where I am usually worn out after dealing with the bath/bed routine, and too exhausted to sew!

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Well I am here at Centre Parcs on my little 5 day holiday, with DGD and some friends.
We have been lucky so far as it hasnt rained on us. But has been cold at times.
I brought my sewing machine with me, as I wasnt sure how fit I would be to go out and about. But have only managed to use it once. That was today.
I used it to alter a gathered skirt, that was needing some attention. I bought it in a charity shop just before I came away. The elasticated waist band had seen better days. So on Sunday with a joint effort from my Mum, one of my daughters and myself, we took it in turns to sit unpicking the band from the skirt, and Today I turned over a new band and inserted some wide elastic. Now its as good as new, and ready to wear. (Alas its not warm enough to wear it tonight).
I shall be home again tomorrow. Then I will post some pictures and bits as I get back on the sewing wagon again.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Glasses Case

Well I have been busy sorting out DGD's clothes for the holiday. Gosh she has grown out of so many clothes! Biggest of Mooloo will have them to sort out for her new baby. So they wont be wasted. The moses basket has been given to her, she seems to be happy with it. Fingers crossed it does its job for her.
These are the pictures of the glasses case and the make up bag that someone wanted me to make.! My mother donated the fakefur print from a scarf she used to have. The toggle is from the button box and the zip for the makeup bag came from my stash.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Baby quilt

Here are a couple of pictures that I hope are better then the first!
The focus is not brilliant I am going to have to practise my photography thats for sure!.

Moses Basket

I have finally managed to finish the moses basket cover ready for the arrival of my fourth Grandchild in May. Christine's first child.
I had lost access to my computer due to a trojan downloaded via the kids games etc, so with the extra time I suddenly had on my hands I made a makeup bag and a glasses case. Made from leopard print fabric, salvedged from my Mum's scarf!.
Paige is still munching an orange for her pudding, so I will see if I can muster up some photographs of the work when she has finally gone to bed.
I want to make so many things, but my arm doesnt let me, so frustrating.
Anyway, I hope to do some more sewing tomorrow, depending on the weather. With this lovely sunshine I am tempted to be out in the garden.
Not knowing what the garden had instore for us, as it was so overgrown. It has been a lovely surprise to see the daffodils and the tulips fighting their way through the weeds. Beautiful and unexpected colours. when the season is over, I will probably have to dig up the bulbs while we rotavate? the garden, and then put them back in for next year.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Well my aim is to do some sewing today! I have found some lovely striped fabric in the charity shop, and I want to use it to line a bag, instead of the cream I have been using mostly. With the sun shining, I feel like making a summer tote. I'm off to find the camera and see if I can take a photo of the materials before and then after.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Where did the time go

i cannot believe that it is already April. So much has happened and I seem to have my days go by in a flash. I am now in my new home. If you can still call it that. DGD, DS, and I moved in just before Christmas, litterally! Our move date was changed several times. Then life just seams to have taken over. My health is sporadically good, and just as suddenly its bad again!. DS is just about hanging on at college, but I am not sure for how long. DGD is happy in her new nursery. We have a small holiday in Centre Parcs coming up next week. I have started to sew a few things, and they have been selling on Ebay. But I am hoping that i will be able to use this blog better from now on, and get my work shown here. Who knows what that may bring. I spend so much time on my MSE thread. That I think I need to learn how to link the two things. But do not know enough about blogging to do much! Its all very trial and error! Mostly error. If anyone actually does manage to find me here. Lets see what may happen. My latest efforts on the sewing front are bags and now Turkey coats! Well they are called Saddles, which I had never heard of until a few weeks ago. But I have an order for about 8 of them, and if they are successful, then who knows I might supply a few turkey farms!!