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Granny to seven darling children. Mother to four not so darling young adults!mmm. I love to sew, and enjoy creating magazines. I have a stash of fabric so high that my friends think it will take me all my life to use it up! So here I am, showcasing My Making journey. Welcome, and come on into my world.

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Well while I was sitting watching the tv yesterday, I decided to experiment with the left over pieces fo the ties, used for the Tie Bag that has been talked about on the mse threads.
So here is a quick picture of what I was on about.
Think my second picture is more infocus.
You all know that I dont like throwing things out, so here I have reused the ties,, and will probably make them into either a cushion or another type of bag, but they are quite thick and heavy, so that may be what limits me to what i do. (And of course finding enough ties to do much else). There are the ends of 10 ties here.
All these ties were my Dads, so to me they are quite personal. If I was to do it, with a theme in mind they may be more appealing to the eye.

I also made a quick small tote, (no internal or external pockets) while the end of the football was on the TV last night.
This fabric was also gifted to me and was from rucksack covers. The back is actually folded to show the eyelets.
I hope to be creating more things with the rest of the fabric, and have cut out the lining of a small bag, (also from the ties- before i decided to weave the rest).

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mad Hatters

Well after the first hat, I have made a second one, this one is reversible, (well except for where my label is!).
This is so she can have one left at the nursery school for sunny days. so of course today it has started to thunder and lightning etc etc. Mind you we do need the water.!

i realised that the pattern is one dimensional, so I should have cut the underside of the rim upside down so that when the hat is turned up, then the picture is the correct way around. But all in all I dont think that it distracts from the overall cuteness of it.!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Finished outfit at last!

Well this is the end result of the outfit, (minus the hat for thats at nursery).
I think that it took me quite a while as I had plenty of interruptions but I think that the hat took about 1 1/2 hours, the top took me 3 hours and the trousers an interrrupted 2 1/4 hours, so probably would be about 1 1/2 hours if I was all ready and had no interruptions, and now I know what I am doing as well.!

The trousers are a litle long, but I made age 5 and she is only 3, but I can always turn them up a bit. she insisted on her peppa pig slippers and not her shoes though! And now I cannot get the outfit off of her. (It may have to be washed tomorrow so that its clean when she goes to see her grandad at the weekend.).
I have been talking with my friend and she is going to help me to update and organise this blog, and show me what i can do as I am hopeless. So thats probably going to be sometime next week, during half term.
I have so many ideas running through my head. I cannot wait to get my act together and get working properly with my fabrics and my bits and bobs.

Altering the picture!

edited picture of DGD to please the powers that be!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Stage Two the wrap top

Well I had some sewing time, but not as much as I would have liked.
Anyway, here ismy granddaughter in her new hat and top!
She was happy to pose for me until the neighbours children attracted her attention.


Monday, 23 May 2011

LUCY in the sky with Diamonds

The long awaited arrival of my 4th Grandchild.
And I cannot seem to get the picture to copy and put up.
 Yeh got it. !


Well I have finished the Hat that is part of the 3 piece outfit for DGD.1.
Not exactly as I would like it, know how to improve on the pattern next time though.


I have just had the good news that my Grand daughter no 2 has been safely born, at 10.42 today.
Weighing in at 6lb 13oz. Lucy. Simple and beautiful name. No doubt to match its new owner.! I am so looking forward to being able to go and see her.
I stopped my sewing for the time being and had some lunch, and started to look at my newest sewing/making magazine.
Now I have just seen some beautiful bags, that are going to be my INSPIRATION for getting MOOLOO's right!

Now I may take a few years to be commanding this sort of price. But I really do love the bags on here, and they are works of art in themselves.!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sewing projects for the day

Well I decided that I had to make a start on the sewing. But only managed to cut out an outfit for DGD, but at least I have started.
I brought the fabric, pattern, pins and scissors down from the sewing room and used the dining table while DGD was finishing her dinner, and managed to at least got all the pieces cut out.
Then I decided to take a look at the bag full of ties that my folks gave me today.
Been playing around with them, and seeing about their lay out. I think I may have come up with a combination to use them up.
In amongst the ties was a tie that I had made for my father many years ago. I have decided to take a chance and keep that one separate. I may use that as a oddety to sell on ebay.
I wish I still had the labels tha I used, and possibly had remembered where I had got them from. So many years, so many house moves. Who knows what ever happened to them.
 This is a burda pattern that I bought in the charity shop the other week, 49p!

 This is the duvet cover that I also bought in a charity shop, some time ago. £3.25
 My Dad's tie, I made for a joke, Parrots, is the name my brothers partner calls Parents. "The Parrots" bit of a family joke now.

I am still trying to find why I cannot focus all my photos yet. The more I do them perhaps the more I will get it right.

Wasting Time

Here I am again, wasting my time. I am supposed to be researching the net, as I need to keep my grand daughter occupied and cannot use my work room until she is asleep, or at Nursery.
I have some ties from my Dad now, to make a handbag as seen on one of the sewing threads I follow on MSE and linking out the way.
I joined a UK handmade site, but don't for the life of me know how to put the logo's etc etc into my Blog pages.
I am a bit of a dimwit when it comes to the technological tools in my life!.
I thought that I had the link sussed and then my internet went down.
Yesterday was concentrating on the garden, I have video evidence of the wire/etc etc and with my Dad's help I have downloaded them to a CD ready to take to the Head of the Housing.
Along with the smaller rubbish, glass, razor blades etc, bagged up and labeled to dump in his intray!
The war is on.
I want a garden that is safe for my family to use.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Back to work

Well after playing around this morning and getting in the swing of enjoying my sewing, I decided that I had better finish off the walking stick bag and the matching handbag that i had started a few weeks ago, when I was hand sewing at the BF's.
So here they are

Sewing again!

Well I finally made the time to do some sewing today while DGD was at Nursery.
Firstly I decided to finish off the hems on a pair of "shabby Chic" curtains, that I bought off of ebay, but that were a little bit too short for my bedroom.
I think its going to be a bit difficult to get rid of the old crease from the hem though! Dispite ironing it with full steam today.
After that was done, I decided to use up some of my stash of fabrics and recover a few of my cushions that had seen better days.
I enjoyed playing about with the fabrics, but didnt do anything adventurous, just a few covers for the bedroom.
When I have them all set up I will take another picture and post.