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Granny to seven darling children. Mother to four not so darling young adults!mmm. I love to sew, and enjoy creating magazines. I have a stash of fabric so high that my friends think it will take me all my life to use it up! So here I am, showcasing My Making journey. Welcome, and come on into my world.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Makes from the Mooloo household

Well I have finally gathered together my sewing from this month, and laid it on the bed to photograph.
So if you see the duvet underneath, I appologies.!
When its all together it looks a lot more than I thought I had done.
Tote shopping bag, 60 style fabric, lined with a sheet.!

Handy clip for the keys or shopping token.

Mini Skirt, just the right size for a shopping bag.
Added a patch pocket, either side, so as to make use of the false flaps that were originally on the skirt. This is lined with a bright yellow/orange liner with pockets to compliment the outside colours.
A variety of the purses - Cath Kidston fabric, with pink Canvas
Cath Kidston and pink, reversed.

A pair of Biggest of Mooloo's jeans- another bag. With added ribbons and diamante details

One of the deamonte details added to the back of the bag.
Brightly lined with a remenant of fabric

Scented lavender sachet, for hanging in the wardrobe
One of the two sets of square lavender bags, ideal for drawers.

A couple of another double set of hanging lavender bags, this time they are supposed to be circular
This lavender bag, has used a piece of fabric that we printed off the picture from the computer. Then the lace is some vintage from the stash. The other side is actually blues and purples in a paisley rayon.

This is a set of animal based lavender bags, an american idea, called Owwies. Ideal for soothing bumps and bruises. Put in the freezer for a while, or heat in the microwave. DGD loves hers.

Sticking to the animal theme, a couple of full length aprons, in yellow gingham, reclaimed from a childs duvet set, and the remains of some animal print fabrics donated to the Mooloo household.

A few more of the purses in a variety of the Purple colours this time. I love the one with the umbrella's the best. Its lined with a plain purple fabric, but the others are lined in the remanents of the moses basket cover from DGD2.

This is a piece of furnishing fabric, wool appliqued that was bought in a bunch of odds and sods from the charity shop. Note that there is a seam in one corner, as the piece of fabric was not square. But it was a shame not to try to utilise the fabric.
This is the back of the same cushion. Again fabric donated to the stash from my SIL's mum.

This is a skirt. It was a full length A line skirt that was plain and boring. Its now a mini with a few patch pockets, and a frayed edge. Alas its a size 10 so not for me. Its ownerless at the moment. But I am sure it will find a home soon.

This is a half, waist tie apron, with the combination reversed.
And finally this is a pincushion that I made while watching TV the last two nights. Love the fabric, and have a panel probably enough to make a cushion, or another tote bag. I cannot make up my mind.

So all in all I have done quite a bit of sewing. Not the make a day I had wanted to do, but at least there is something to show for my efforts.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Still sewing

Well I am still getting to sew, but for short periods of time.
I have been making lavender bags and some of the purses cut out from last year.
I am aiming to catch up on the odd jobs that have been hanging around, and to get on and create.
I received my issue 32, February 2012 of SEW magazine today.
I am rather disappointed with it, and feel justified in cancelling my subscription. Once again the pattern is a dress, and the one for March- you guessed it another dress!
Much as I do wear dresses, for the last 2 years or so of buying this magazine its been dresses, and most of them are dresses for the ball!. At least this one is more of a day dress. But the thank goodness i can see passed the colour schemes they used, as the dresses look absolutely awful!.
They have also decided that the pattern is to come in two sizes, and instead of contacting the subscribers and working out which size combination to send, they sent the larger size. Alas for me, I am a small. So if I do want the copy i have to contact the website and go through a few hoops no doubt.

My fabrics from Jackie's Fabrics arrived, via a detour to my old house! oops. My google account was defaulted there. Trust me, I have changed it now!.
My Abakhan order is still not with me, so after emailing them, I received a call to tell me they were out of stock of the pen I wanted, and were not getting it replenished. So now they will release the rest of my order. (Alas again, too late for the market I was wanting it for). Maybe next year.

I have a couple of hours tomorrow, where I am hoping to sit at the sewing machine, and I hope that I can get help with photographing the things, and getting them up on the web. Can't start to sell if they are not up for sale after all!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Well its a Happy New Year to everyone.
I am slow off of the mark this year. Taking things as "laid back" as i can. I intend to get to the sewing machine today and get making for the Valentines market! If I am not too late.
I still need to get some better photographs for my stuff. I really need lessons in photography!
I think DGD will be a better photographer then I am, she is always taking the camera and snapping away!.
The weather here is wet and wild, windy. Only going to go out to collect a friend and coming straight back again!
I hope that 2012 will be a successful year for you all, especially all the crafters out there. I hope that the economic downturn will not stop people from buying everyones georgeous makes!
I intend to make even more presents for the coming year. Those I did make were received well, and it has inspired me to try harder.
(Except my BF, he was not thrilled with his phone case or his card wallet)< but he is not very easy to please anyway, so he wont count).