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Thursday, 28 July 2011

This weeks makes

Well I managed to get to the sewing machine on Wednesday. I started to sew together some of the things I had cut out over the last few weeks.

Ah thats on its side!" Oops,. Its the strap with all the bags hanging off of it.
I made the strap by using the central button panel from a mans shirt. Then I made the button loops out of the other central panel. I used a D ring that was on a webbing Belt that I bought in a charity shop for 50p.
I will use the strap for one of the heavier weight winter bags that I will need to be making soon.
I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head that I cannot think straight sometimes.

Here are the results.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Maxi Dress

I have finally finished my maxi dress. All in readiness to wear to dinner on friday night, for my 50th Birthday!
Claire and I are going to spend 2 nights at Ragdale Hall, in Leicestershire. What a lovely celebration.
We go up Thursday afternoon, have a look around, get use of the pool etc and then there is some sort of evening class after our meal. On Friday, the big day for me, we will get breakfast in our room!! what luxury. We have a facial in the morning and a massage in the afternoon. I also have an appointment with thier alternative therapy doctor who will go through my medication with me, and see if there is anything that I can do to compliment my treatment that may help me. (May sound odd for a birthday, but if it is going to help me in the future, then I hope it will be well worth it.).
We get another evening there, and breakfast in bedroom again on Saturday before checking out. I think Claire has another treatment booked, and I will use the swimming pool before we come home.

We have organised some childcare for DGD so I am so excited.
Here is a couple of pictures of the dress I made yesterday and today.

I am not very thrilled with the zip, its supposed to be concealed, but I had quite a battle understanding the pattern. Maybe I will re do it when I get back. But meanwhile I have something to feel special about wearing.

Friday, 8 July 2011

surfing around for inspiration

last night I was surfing around for some inspiration, and waiting for DGD to go to sleep, when i came across a tutorial for making a dress out of a mans shirt. Alas  I cannot seem to find who it was I got it from. Anyway, feeling inspired I grabbed one of my BF's boring short sleeved shirt that he was intending to throw out, and with a piece of plain woven fabric, that I have had lurking for ever and a day, I came up with my version of her dress.

Not the best pictures in the world, but done via the mirror the best I could do. It does actually look more reasonable in real life. THe armholes were not quiet right, and if I was to do the same again, I would make a self facing rather then using bias binding. Or make my own binding out of the same or contrasting fabric. But for a few hours of fun, and an old shirt. Not so bad.

Bags galour

Well I made a small production line of bags and purses. Cutting things out on Tuesday, and sewing them on Wednesday and Thursday. The results were very pleasing. Although I cut out about 20 items I have not managed to finish the purses, as I need to source some zips. But they will come soon.

These are the results todate.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Beach Bag

A couple of weeks ago, when I went to the school to help out with the Elves outfits, I was using one of my Cath Kidston bags to carry all my sewing things in. One of the Mum's there was interested in a bag similar to send as a gift to her sister who lives in Portugal. For the beach.
So this morning, after I had cut out my dress (while the electric was being changed over, so therefore off), I made this bag. Lining it for the first time with two compartments, one of them being made of shower curtain so that she can use it for wet costumes.

I took a gamble at mixing some Clarke and Clarke fabric with some Cath Kidston. Hopefully it works. I have also added my long awaited for "Cow" button, and a keyring holder.
Fingers crossed its what she wants. But if not I am sure it will sell else where.
I have also added some Cow buttons to a few wallets that I made a few weeks ago. Seems I have been waiting for these buttons for a very long time!
My Cath Kidston order from the 23rd June is still not here, and I rang them to ask. Apparantly the sale is going much better then they expected and they are snowed under, so my things should be in the post at the moment. Some were dispatched yesterday, and some is coming out today.! mmmm

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Creations for the shops

Well over the last week, I have managed to get my work looked at, and approved for a couple of local shops. So I have been tweeking them, and also making some other bits and pieces.

I am hoping to get more work done tomorrow.