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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sewing Machines on strike

Well as I build my reputation as "the woman who sews" in the neighbourhood , the door starts knocking, the Facebook messages arrive and all is good you think. But oh no! After spending the morning using the over locker and going great guns I stopped for my lunch, one of Elaine Colliar's recipes- yum. 
Then it was swap machines over and do the next stages. Great I hear you say, this is good. Except my Super Jeans machine said No! Well it didn't actually speak, that would be silly, but it just decided that after working hard since May it was going to stop making any stitches. Okay, no problem there is the older 502 in the bedroom. (Under a pile of boxes and cushions etc). So after a a mammoth effort to reach that, swap it over and away I go. Nope! It too has decided that it won't stitch! So today I have to rush around and go to Rushden to take them to the man with the magic spanner to fix them! What odds of that happening? At least there is cash in the Mooloo account to cover a service for them. 

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