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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Well Happy New Year world.
I have decided to try and blog a bit more. I am usually on MSE so dont tend to double myself up on postings, figuring its the same readers, but hey you never know.

I have been rather amiss at taking pictures of my makes and posting them, but thought that as I have just finished making a cover for my iphone, (second hand one, that was my daughters), I would post a picture of it. Its made from what was hanging around the house this evening, so the binding is not really as asthetically pleasing as I would like but its only for me so its not so bad.
It took me just over 2 hours to do, but that was also with DGD still up, and so a few stops to get her sorted out for bed etc. I did cut out two, so one is nearly finished within that time as well.

I also made a kindle cover yesterday, using the same fabrics. Rather more guessed measurements then actually made any. So its a bit wonky.


  1. Hi moo loo,

    I don't really go to MSE anymore, but do use our Facebook group. Your makes are lovely, Happy New Year! (And in case you didn't know, you have that horrid word verification thing set on comments)

    1. Thanks Tammy. Not sure how to get that taken off?