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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tote bags

After some configuration of the laptop, I have managed to get the links back again. What a faff.
DGD is modelling the turban and wrist warmers for me. She now wants some in her chosen wool.
Here is a picture of one of the sides of the tote bag that I managed to do today. 
Having trouble with the sewing machine so its been an effort, but after changing the threads and the needles we finally managed to finish the bags. Maybe I will get back to the sewing machine now, and get back on track with my makes.
I have manged to make two turbans, two sets of wrist warmers and a long scarf over the last two weeks. In the evenings, and during the day while resting from other activities, but it is so slow compared to my sewing. I now know why I choose to sew more then I do to knit. I like instant results that's the problem.

This evening DGD has come home from school unwell. So she actually fell asleep in front of the TV while I was trying to sort out my skype earlier. Doubt that she will be at school tomorrow. 
Everytime that I think that I will be able to go and find work, I am reminded that bringing up a small child, being single, makes it very difficult to get out there and work. Monday it was the schools closed, and now its ill health. I am sure an employer would frown upon my not being able to work. Another reason for me to have to make a small business from working from home. I have to think on about this further. 


  1. What a wonderful tote bag. I bought some and embellished them for Christmas gifts but I really should have a go at sewing them. Your makes are always beautiful.

    1. Thankyou for the compliment. Its quite easy to make a tote, all though sewing through the canvas straps and the top of this one was a bit harder to do, as the thickness is not so easy to get through the machine. Jeans needle was needed. I love the animals here, it reminds me of when I grew up in Africa. We used the Masi Mara game park as our "back garden" we were there most weekends as it was the thing to do. I remember getting 6d. For spotting the first elephant one day. It was a tiny baby elephant. Used to think that all little elephants were mine!