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Monday, 25 April 2011

The garden just outside my back door. Broken concrete, and wilderness.

The view of the garden from near the bottom, yes its huge. 156Ft of it. It looks not too bad where we have managed to cut the lawn, put in a shed and put a tarpauline down for the paddling pool

This is the top 30ft or so of the garden, still to be attacked.

This is what has already been found in the small area I started to dig. (central picture here).

This is the section of the garden nearest to the house, just past the concrete rubble

This is the contents from the dug patch just above as well as the metal on the windowsill.
Take this into account that the housing have already been twice to clear the garden.

I have been questioned, and questioning my situation with my garden. So I decided to take some photo's of it. Alas the picture of the pile of glass didnt come out. But the rest of the pictures are there. I am not sure if I can post them all on here, or how to do it. But I think I will try.

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  1. Wow you have a challenge on your hands lol and I thought my garden was long! It will lokk nice when it's done and I hope you don't find any more nasties :o
    Sue x