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Monday, 18 February 2013

Rugby Shirts

Well at the end of last week, I managed to do a couple of Recycling jobs for a customer.
Her husband wanted two of his Rugby shirts into Cushion covers for thier little Bar they have set up at thier home.
So they were a couple of simple jobs to do, and things that have kept me busy.
the Pictures are currently on my Facebook page, so I will have to copy them onto the computer and post them.
I will try and do that later on today.

Alas my sewing room, has to go.!
My son is having a few problems with living at his sisters, and has to come home tomorrow.
So its not long really been " hello" sewing room, and now its a "good bye"
This means that things will be more difficult to do, and I will have to consider whether the sewing is set up in my bedroom, or down here in the sittingroom.
I suppose its going to have to be the bedroom, or else my machine will annoy everyone else in the house who want to watch TV, PLay or do anything else. It will also be in the way if we want to eat at the table etc.

I feel very frustrated that things are going this way, but there is not much that I can do about it.
He has to have somewhere to live. He is my son, dispite it all.
I just hope that it doesnt stop me from sewing as much. Putting things away between jobs tends to slow me down. When its set up it is easy to do a few minutes sewing here and there, but if its got to be set up, then its another matter!.

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