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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sole Trader - Mooloo's

Well I have had problems getting onto my Blogger account, as I have a terrible memory for my passwords etc. But today, I remembered.
So here I am. I can finally update.

SO MUCH has happened to me in the last month. After a consultation with the Jobcentre, and the need to work again, I have launched Mooloos as a proper business.
I am taking in orders, for alterations, bunting, and also making for Craft sales.
I am also so excited to say that I am also contracted out to do Upcycling, or reworking of clothes for a Recycling company that buy clothes for cash.

I was there with Christine to sell them her old clothes, as there is a limit to how many clothes I can horde, on the off chance that I can use them. Anyway, I happened to have my handbag made from ties with me, (its my favourite bag at the moment), and the owner was impressed with it, and the next thing I know I was discussing their new venture with them.
After thinking about it, setting up my Mooloos officially and coming off of ESA, I need an income, so contracting out to them has made some sense. I get paid for what I do when I am there, by the hour. I will be working for them for 2 days a week, 10 - 4, and that leaves me the other 3 days to work at my own things.

I am becoming rather interested in Pinterest, and all the blogs that it leads me off into.! The problem is that I have so many ideas now,  I am not sure when I will find the time to do it all.

You can find me on Facebook, in the Sewing Room on and a small presence on Etsy.
I will find links etc and post them when I fathom out my new computer.

Think its time for Electrical things to give up the ghost on me.
This last month I have had to replace my laptop, the toaster and then today, it was a new overlocker.
So I really do need to earn money now.

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