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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Return to the world of the Blog!

Well I am told that it is important for me to Blog, and too also follow blogs, to get my sewing seen, and out in the big wide world.
Problem is that I am not very good at Blogging.
So to achieve this, I am going to try and post everyday, at least during the week days.
Should be easy, as I post on MSE all the time. Yet when it comes to my blog, I go blank.
So although this blog was originally opened up just for the sewing, a few more things will probably stray into the mix, to make it easier for me.

Working around DGD (Darling Granddaughter), is not as easy as I had hoped. With her going to school I thought that I would have lots of time on my hands! Wrong again. Everythingelse seems to expand to fit the days, and nights.
Mind you I do like to indulge in the odd glass of wine after dinner, and then thats me too relaxed to sit at the sewing machine.

Well this last week, I have launched myself into the sewing room with much more gay abandon they i thought i had.
With the help of friends around me, I have been sewing most days.
The world of the arts and crafts has been my existance and the rest has been put on the back burner. So its the other way around.
I have now found a lovely lady from the Mum's at school, who is coming over two days a week, and helping me to attack the housework, and the mess that was promising to engulf me.
The Frugal savings and spendings are on my mind, and with that in the forefront, it was obvious that I need to use up the sewing things that are all around me, and make some money out of it as well.
With the help of another of the Mum's my stuffed hearts have been put on Facebook, and I have sold several of them already.
I have managed to get to the sewing room, and start to clear up old projects that I had cut out, and too also use up the scraps from various other bags, boxes and the like has been exciting me for a change.!

So dispite it being Half Term, I have managed to get things done.
Onwards and Upwards.
I hope that in time I will make a few more friends on the Bloggersphere, and will also have some followers that will be interested in my makes etc, and those that follow me on MSE may pop here to see a bit of the other side of Mooloo. The side that is not all full of the cost of the Twins, DS and all the frustrations that get posted there.


  1. Sounds very exciting! Looking forward to keeping up with all your makes :D

    1. Well I have spent today updating my Facebook. With a little help from my friends.