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Monday, 4 January 2016

2016 Changes

AHappy New Year!
Where does the time go?
Running the shop has been full time, and my blog has suffered rather than been improved on.
I have managed to update my website somewhat but I still struggle to update things. 
I do have a running commentary going on on MSE website, which has become my haunt over the last 9 years. However that is more about my life then my making.
I'm thinking of changing my blog to be more about life, as the shop work means that I am not making much anymore.
I'm challenging myself to save the scraps from the jobs we alter in the shop and see what I can make with them. Could be interesting, or a complete failure. 
Time will tell. 
Meanwhile here are a few things that I did do this last few months
Thermal bags
More bags

Recovered chairs
Rebuilt evening dresses
Even more bags
Made coatumes
More costumes
Egyptian gods
and bunting!

All since September. 
So actually that's not so bad as I thought.

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