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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

alternative use for one of my bags!

This little lady's photo was sent to me, from the Mum of the latest Thermal Cooking Bag to arrive at its new home. 
what a great picture! 
Although we don't advise leaving a child in the bag as the draw string could be a health hazard! 
And no you don't cook the baby. 
There have been a few men asking how you cook the bag in the oven!
Sorry guys, what you do is put your dinner on the stove, bring the food up to a rolling boil for 5-10 mins, to make sure pan and it's contents are boiling, then you take it off of the hob, nestle the pan in the bag, put the pad ontop and pull the string tight. 
Then you leave the pan for as long as necessary, depending on your contents, so rice about 40 mins, a beef casserole about 6 hours! 
 It really couldn't be easier to do. The added bonus of no more fuel costs, no having to leave something plugged in when you go out, and the food won't burn or dry out, as it would gently start to cool first. 

Why not pop over to my website, or Facebook Page, and see about getting one made for you! 
Or if your a sewer get the pattern for a few pounds from  Elaine at www.
Join the revolution and save fuel, cut your carbon omissions and have cheap and tasy meals cooked for pennies! 

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