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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Canvas Bags

I cannot believe that the last time I posted was in March! Its July! What happened?

anyway besides that I have been trying to get to grips with working in my bedroom. A very small space I hasten to add. Most of the things I want seem to be the stuff in the loft and so it takes me far too long to make anything. So frustrating.
I did start to think about building a Shed or summer house in the garden to give me more room, but I would need a few £thousand. So for now, its the bedroom and frustration.
But I have been making some canvas bags.
I bought some lovely fabric from  One is digital photos of scenes from Kenya. Now those that know me, will know that as a child I lived here for just short of 3 years, with my family. The films my parents have of us children all seem to be here in Kenya, or on the beaches in Cyprus later in life.
Anyway, this fabric inspired me to create some more tote bags. So out came a piece of canvas, from the local market. £5 a metre. I cut out 4 canvas bags from this.
One of the bags is going to be for sale, and one is for my brother for his birthday. He loves Kenya and goes there regularly with his partner.
So this is for Paul.

And this one is for sale. The handles are made from two string belts, also bought on the market, at £1 each.

These are the patchwork pieces that I bought in a charity shop last week, for £1.25 I think it was. Someone had done a lot of work, and I couldnt see it wasted, so I have finished them off and sewn them together. Now I will need to think about finding some fabrics to complement these and try to make this into a bigger quilt, or lap quilt.
There is another piece of patchwork I bought, but I havent photographed it yet, and the batteries have just run out on my camera!.
I have donated 5 of my purses, to the school collection for the teachers. They wanted £5 from each of us "parents", but I didnt want to give them cash, so I said they could have my purses and give one to each of the helpers.
I will have to make a few more now. But thats not a problem, it will get my work out and about a bit more.

I am going to see if I can actually get to the sewing machine again today. Fingers crossed I get the chance.
I spend far too much time on the computer and not enough time at the sewing machine.

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