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Granny to seven darling children. Mother to four not so darling young adults!mmm. I love to sew, and enjoy creating magazines. I have a stash of fabric so high that my friends think it will take me all my life to use it up! So here I am, showcasing My Making journey. Welcome, and come on into my world.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Nervously here we go.

A while back I started to write in a few forums on Moneysaving Expert, and over the last two years I have been an avid reader and poster. But I sometimes feel that the things that I am writing there no longer reflect the forums I am posting on.
I enjoy following the sewing forums and have enjoyed sewing all of my life. When I first went to boarding school at the age of 9, I buried myself in my sewing, and by the time I was in the second year at the age of 13 if not before I was making clothes for the other girls in the school, and I distinctly remember making my sister a long gathered floral skirt in white and orange. It was the end of the 1970's and flower power was still in vogue.
As I made a similar skirt for myself to go on holiday not so long ago, I begin to feel my age as the fashions have come full circle.

I have sewn on and off for all of my life. Having a sewing business making weddingdresses, and doing alterations and repairs, when the children were small and money was tight.
Although I did detour into the Pub trade for quite a while, sewing has always been my love and a way to express myself. Alas this has not been possible of late.

I now suffer from Spondylosis of the spine and this affects my ability to sew and create for long. However I am determind that I am going to find the time to enjoy my craft while I can. So I am taking the inspiration of "this one moment in time" to use my moments while I can, and to make and create when inspiration hits me, and my arm allows me.

I once started a Blog before, but after being ill, then the computer crashing and loosing all my links, I have "lost it". So I am starting again.! Lets hope that technology doesnt beat me this time and I manage to learn how to do a blog! and post pictures of my creations, as I go along.

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