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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Building Dreams

I am a dreamer! I believe that  my dreams or goals are an important part of my life and that without them I flounder.
However with them I feel optimistic and full of ideas and strategies to achieve what ever I want.
I have read many self help books, organisation books, and goal getting books.
I have read The Secret, and the Law of Attraction.
I true to practise positive thoughts and visualise my life as I want it.
That is not always easy as I tend to suffer from great bouts of depression at times.
Today I am in the process of fighting my way back out of the latest bout, and I am concerntrating on the positive side of things.
Yesterday I ordered my new cooker, and fridge freezer. I have been wanting to replace the old ones for over a year.
So I have been saving up every spare penny and now I have managed it.
I would like to say that I am excited about it, but I'm more satisfied that I am achieving my goals.
At the beginning of August I replaced my car, after a month without a car. My previous car "died a death," after catastrophic engine failure. 
Again for over a year I had wanted to replace it but couldn't justify why.
But I got my little red sports car after all.

So I have found that if I want something, and I focus on it, then I will find a way to get it.
As long as I am not hurting anyone, getting into uncontrollable debt, or causing harm then I find a way.

So the next dream I have is still very vague and needs refining before I can make it a reality.
My Dream is to have a home abroad in the sunshine, within view or a stroll to the sea, and easy commute so family can stay. 
But that is too vague a dream at the moment.
My main thought is that I can build up my savings again, and investigate the places, follow forums, and gain knowledge of the best way of creating the dream.
Believe and you will achieve!


  1. Hi Mooloo, missing Elaine's blog and don't comment elsewhere much though I read your posts everyday. Will try and keep up on here

  2. Yes I miss Elaine's posts. She is a natural at Telling her story, and teaching others frugality!
    I am not sure I can be classed as frugal this month. Not only have I bought the car, kitchen appliances and been to Cyprus, I have bought my neighbour some vynl flooring and cleared a payday loan she had!
    Her BF ran off with all her money, that was for her floors.
    So the bank of Moo is down considerably at the moment!

    1. I don't understand the logic of you needing help off your mom for your teeth, yet giving money to a neighbour. Makes no sense to me when you are trying to live within your means. It's ok being charitable when you are not yourself needing to accept charity off someone else.

    2. She will be paying me back for the loan, over the next few months- just at no interest and at a rate she can afford. It will reduce her payments overall by £300.
      Since buying her the flooring she has helped me with DGD. Saving me babysitting fees.
      So we both win.
      My Mum has not yet given me the funds for my teeth, and if I focus maybe I won't need to have her "charity", although I don't think of it as that, as it was more an expensive Birthday present. As it was offered instead of a birthday gift.

  3. Great post Mooloo! I too read your posts on the forum every day.

    So pleased that you're achieving your goals and I love your little red car :)

    Amanda (Littlesportscar)

  4. Thanks Amanda!
    I will just have to make sure I keep it all clean and shiny! (Do you have one, or is it just your dream too?)

  5. You'll be keen to keep it clean and shiny because you'll feel great driving it then! Yes, I'm lucky enough to have one, I have a little white BMW Z4 ... hence my MSE user name Littlesportscar :)