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Monday, 5 August 2013

iPhone and blogging!

Today I have been trying to catch up on my world while Paige is playing games on my old iPhone and I am still learning how my new one works.
Time is running away with me and technology is not my strong point.
I brought my sewing machine and over locker with me to stay in Oxford with Jerry. so when he is at work I can still do my work. Because I have a business to run and I need to be on top of it more.
I do two days a week sewing for Vintage Garms, I post pictures of my work on Facebook and Pinterest. But what am I actually doing to raise the profile on Mooloos? Nada. Zip. I haven't got my laptop with me and I haven't been using my Website to sell things. I have a few random items on Etsy, but have lost heart as I have never made a single sale with them.
My Moneysaving Expert contacts have been my main outsider source of sales, but it's not enough to keep me a regular income.
so how do I change my fortunes around? build more time for my business and actually start to make money a d hopefully turn a profit?
Jerry doesn't believe in me. So I feel flawed in my own ability. How can I turn my skills, and my ethics into making a proper living and prove that I can become self sufficient, and bring up Paige at the same time.
This weekend I am going to do a tabletop sale at The Rockinghorse Pub in Towcester. The table will only cost me £10 but I will need to make quite a few sales to cover the costs of my table, my fuel to get from here and care for Paige. My last sale was a disaster. It put me off for a while. I wondered what the point was. But I won't make money just sitting on all my makes and I really don't want to have to work on anything else. I am happiest with my machines and fabrics in my hand.
Can I turn my world around and find a way to get the work out there in the big wide world and be self sufficient, with in the next 6 months? My funding will be reduced by £119 in March and a further £40 in April. Something needs to be done before then.

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