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Monday, 16 January 2012

Still sewing

Well I am still getting to sew, but for short periods of time.
I have been making lavender bags and some of the purses cut out from last year.
I am aiming to catch up on the odd jobs that have been hanging around, and to get on and create.
I received my issue 32, February 2012 of SEW magazine today.
I am rather disappointed with it, and feel justified in cancelling my subscription. Once again the pattern is a dress, and the one for March- you guessed it another dress!
Much as I do wear dresses, for the last 2 years or so of buying this magazine its been dresses, and most of them are dresses for the ball!. At least this one is more of a day dress. But the thank goodness i can see passed the colour schemes they used, as the dresses look absolutely awful!.
They have also decided that the pattern is to come in two sizes, and instead of contacting the subscribers and working out which size combination to send, they sent the larger size. Alas for me, I am a small. So if I do want the copy i have to contact the website and go through a few hoops no doubt.

My fabrics from Jackie's Fabrics arrived, via a detour to my old house! oops. My google account was defaulted there. Trust me, I have changed it now!.
My Abakhan order is still not with me, so after emailing them, I received a call to tell me they were out of stock of the pen I wanted, and were not getting it replenished. So now they will release the rest of my order. (Alas again, too late for the market I was wanting it for). Maybe next year.

I have a couple of hours tomorrow, where I am hoping to sit at the sewing machine, and I hope that I can get help with photographing the things, and getting them up on the web. Can't start to sell if they are not up for sale after all!


  1. Reading that you are now a 'Mum' again I know how you feel.
    Just when my three had all left home I found myself caring for my grandson most of the time. He's 21 now and at Uni so I hope there will be no more, all my energy has gone, just enough for my cats and crafts. lol

    1. Gosh, I hope so for your sake! Yes being a Mum again is hard work the older we get. The thought of any more to care for would scare me to death. Alas I have had to let my grandsons be adopted. They are beautiful boys, but I was too ill to take all 3. (They are from a different Mum). I would not have split up a family, but I couldnt look after the baby baby.